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One Stop Market Place for Piggery Sector powered by Blockchain Technologies, IoT Sensors and AI/ML Systems

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The Indian pig market, starting from the farm, is lacking a dedicated and organized Farm Management System and marketing facilities for the Farmers and the Buyers to operate and here is where we find the opportunity for us to build a solution around it.

  • Digital Record Keeping.
  • Precision Livestock Farming.
  • Training & Veterinary Support.

Our idea is to help animal husbandry grow in India, digitalizing animal agriculture with Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies, specifically biometric sensors, big data, and blockchain technology

Our Mission & Vision

A sprit with a vision is a dream with a mission.

Our Mission

To provide one stop trustworthy, transparency and end-to-end traceable digital services to livestock farmers and traders in India.

Our Vision

To create an easy work life for animal farmers which will include from farm management system to buying and selling of the cattles on the fingertips of the farmers.

Our Events

Our portfolio involves showcasing events which is both physical as well as virtual that we have either created or attended.

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StartUp Award

29th Convergence India & 7th Smart Cities India 2022 expo

Interview with Swastik Pig Farm

Mr. Satish Advani owner @ Swastik Pig Farm.

Training Workshop

3 Days training workshop

Our Team

We are a team of experianced innovative developers and business leaders. Working together a team can apply individual perspectives, experience, and skills to solve complex problems like ours.

Mr. Papan Das

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Pratibha Kanoo

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bittu Das

Chief Operating Officer

Our Partners

Our valuable partners helping us with giving access to resources and opportunities to young entrepreneurs like ours and empower & support the growth and success of an early-stage startup like ours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accodring to 2019 Livestock Census published by Department of Animal Husbandry And Dairying:

    Species Population (In Million) 2007 Population (In million) 2012 Population (In million) 2019
    Cattle 199.08 190.9 192.49
    Buffaloes 105.34 108.7 109.85
    Sheep 71.56 65.07 74.26
    Goats 14.054 135.17 148.88
    Pigs 11.13 10.29 9.06
    Total Livestock 529.70 512.06 535.778

    Piggery sector is declining in India:

    Disease has been the greatest threat to this industry. Lack of Training and Vet Support farmers who are investing in this sector has to face severe problems.

    We aim to digitise animal agriculture specially Piggey Sector with Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies, specifically biometric sensors, big data, and blockchain technology. Our solution will not only generate revenue but also benefit all the stakeholder in the valuechain. Farmers, Traders, Consumers and Government Agencies would now have the authentic data with full transparency without any intermediateries.